So to give a little background info, these little gems were released at select Yodobashi Camera gashapon corners (11 stores nationwide). Originally the capsule machines were supposed to be installed on January 24th, but on the day of i was informed by the store clerk that due to their shipment from the manufacturer in China being delayed, they would be arriving later; in the case of Kyoto, in the late afternoon on January 31st. Unfortunately, they almost instantaneously sold out.

I myself was at work… I work like, ten minutes away from Yodobashi Camera Kyoto so I thought I could run over right at 5:30 but, alas, they were gone before I even left the office. Should have taken paid vacation, haha.

So, I splurged and bid for them on Yahoo Auctions Japan. (that’s what I have a 9 to 5 job for, I guess. (′・ω・`)しょぼーん)
There are literally dozens of people selling them there.. Each turn of the dial on the capsule toy machine is 300 yen, and you can buy sets of them online with the final bid being around 700-1000 yen apiece.. I assume the price will go down in a few months, and then back up again in the near future once they feel scarce again.

Anyways they’re really cute, about three quarters the size of the original production compacts from the 90s. They are capsule toys so they’re a bit rough along the edges, you can see the flash on either side where the plastic was poured into the mold and they came with scratches, but the scratches most certainly tell of a stressful production schedule at Bandai, where they are most surely pressed for time to crank all the lovely things out they planned for this anniversary year.

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